Owner: Emily Kokay

Emily is a passionate and positive worker who decided she loves helping others heal, relax and feel amazing about themselves. She discovered contemporary cupping treatments in other areas outside of Michigan and wanted to bring unique beauty services back home. Emily acquired her practice through extensive research and by using authentic techniques on over 80 different individuals. She found the results to not only be amazing but long-lasting and beneficial. Self taught in the art of cupping, Emily brings unique techniques and services to your neighborhood. She aspires to continue to learn and grow through Juicy Peach; a small yet proud Michigan founded business that has the goal of providing an environment where body positivity and natural beauty can be found. 

Fun Fact

Aside from cupping, Emily is also an artist who paints and does photography. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Visual Art with honors in 2018. Make sure to check out the art on the walls!



Home-based at 20809 Hickory St. Woodhaven, MI 48183

*Avoid road closures and trains:

Take Gibraltar Exit from 75, or Vreeland from Fort St.

Juicy Peach